Design Process

Design can solve society’s biggest problems… if we cultivate a love of learning through the design process.

– David Sherwin

1. Understand

I start with understanding the problem from perspective of business and end user.
Empathizing, defining goals, learning about available resources and constraints make the recipe for Understanding.

2. Think

Researching the market and users helps collect enough data for brainstorming and scribbling ideas. These mini-solutions then get rated: the winners get stored for use in the next step.

3. Create

Next: user flows start taking shape.
I work on lo-fi prototypes to test and build revised visual mockups.

4. Communicate & Iterate

The fun part is throwing your work out for a test-torture and presenting it. The work doesn't stop there. I get back with iterations, pushing the boundaries of innovation.

I believe in smart shortcuts, logic, transparency and communication. Throughout the lifetime of a project I am happy to share learnings with stakeholders and get feedback.
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