Microsoft Workplace


Workplace Analytics is a Microsoft product that uses collaboration data to bring in insights about organization's productivity.


I was brought in to the project at its very early stages when the product was still being defined in product manager's specs.

Thus, my job was to conceptualize the tool’s operations and logic together with the team of PMs, developers, UX writer and my design manager. I was then spending some time heads down to nail the concepts, do rapid prototyping, feedback and brainstorm sessions and fast iterations. The outcome of process was hi-fi mockups that I’d pass to the dev team and follow through to make sure final product was mapping to the design

On a side, I was also collaborating with motion designer where our task was to come up with motion philosophy around the product and build it to pass to developers as well as use for a vision video.
  • Team: Meri Harutyunyan, Kris Bergen, Amy King, Jeff Shih, Kory Opgenorth, etc.
  • My Functions: Product designer
  • Client: Microsoft
  • Tools: Sketch, Adobe illustrator, Adobe XD
  • Released: July 2017
For every feature, I have showcased a full interaction model from taslk initiation to completion. The product had very interesting challenges. One, that I really felt passionate about was that the product's main utility was creating very complex, custom queries . Often we had to ask ourselves if the amount of decisions a business analyst has to make in the tool would be comprehensible for the analyst himself. I was able to come up with a solution that would make the query builder more "humane" and thus easier to digest. Aside from working on the interaction and model of the product, I was also working to define the visual style, as well as data vizualisations for the product. But, before working on visuals, every feature was going through rapid prototyping (showcasing full interaction model) and quick checkins with the team. Whiteboarding was an essential part of generating ideas and validating solutions. I was making sure we have representation from all key disciplines during these sessions, since the feedback at this stage was invaluable. go to portfolio